Create Volume with Hydraulic Press Forming

The hydraulic press is an excellent tool for creating volume in your jewelry. Here’s a quick overview of using Bonnie Doon’s silhouette die plate, container, and urethane kit.

fine_silver1Since this is a rather small piece, I am using 22g silver. I am using fine silver because later I will enamel it.

slide_in_place1First, I insert the die plate into the container and tighten the screw. You can see the hole where the metal will be pressed into.

slide_with_silver1I place my piece of annealed silver over the hole, making sure that it is centered.

former1_1I carefully place the black urethane over the silver so that I don’t move the silver.

former2_1I carefully place the silver pusher on top of the urethane and I am ready to put the assembly into the press.

pressing1I pump up the press to raise the platen to a level that allows me to place the assembly. I put the piece onto the lower platen, making sure to center the assembly directly over the bottle below.

I continue pumping the platen upwards until I feel some pressure. I give it another pump to increase the pressure, then lower the platen a bit to slide out the assembly.

formed_silver1Voila! Here is my perfectly smooth pillow formed in silver.

1103PENdAfter a little more work (well, maybe a lot more work), here is my silver pillow that has been pierced, enameled, and set in sterling silver.

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